Which is quicker EC2 Cloud Profile or k8

I have TC setup to use EC2 AMIs, with windows machines there is about 4 ~5 minute delay before the build queue is pushed through the new agent (Linux is somewhat quicker).

I know nothing about k8, but started to do some reading up to see about pro's/con's against the current configuration.

My question is 2 part:

Is there any advantage to using k8 over the AWS Cloud Profile?

Would k8 be quicker to come online and start using the build queue?

Ideally I am after a non biased view point on this :D

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Both environments can be used to host the build agents in the cloud, and the speed for the agents to get online and take the build may depend on a cloud provider's load at the moment and many different factors, like the configuration of the selected instance for AWS, or Kubernetes hosting provider and selected hosting options. Please also note that build agents installed on AWS VMs and build agent Docker containers running in Kubernetes pods don't have the same capabilities.

In general, starting up a Kubernetes pod is faster than booting up an AWS VM instance with a full OS, but this doesn't depend on TeamCity, so we can't give you an unambiguous answer to your question. The main point would be to use the hosting provider and environment that best suits your needs.

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