Artifact dependencies download fail

I have created a build that will use the artifacts from another build.
In this build, I will download the artifact dependencies using the "Build with specified build number" option.

So when I enter a build number of a build that has been triggered automatically

the build works fine and it downloads these artifacts and continues its execution.


But when I enter a build number of a build that was manually triggered (by me)

 the build fails and it could not download the artifacts dependencies.

i got this error:



I have tried it on my side, and the dependent build configuration successfully downloaded artifacts from the manually started build.
Please check and provide the following screenshots:
1. Artifact paths setting for the dependable build configuration.
2. Atrifact dependency setting for the dependent build configuration.
3. Artifacts from the dependable build that can resolve the dependency successfully.
4. Artifacts from the dependable build that fails to resolve the dependency.
For now, it seems that there may be some misconfiguration or that the configuration was somehow changed between the dependable builds.

To keep the screenshots private, please upload them to and share the upload ID.

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Thank you for your response.

I am now able to download the artifact dependencies in both cases, as I mentioned above. 

It turns out that it was an error on my part that I didn't specify a valid build when I copied it.


Best regards


Dear Mohamed,

I am glad to hear that it is working now. Thank you for using TeamCity!

Best regards,

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