teamcity.agent.log includes lines "Flushing output buffer because it's size 1578844 exceeds threshold 16384"

Any idea for fix for following?

teamcity.agent.log includes lines like:

INFO - er.agent.runner.TextLineFilter - Flushing output buffer because it's size 1578844 exceeds threshold 16384

This ends up causing the following and the build gets Cancelled:

[2024-02-15 09:05:50,760]   WARN - r.agent.impl.AgentLogProxyImpl - Fatal error occurred inside agent process, will kill current build and restart agent 
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space 

This is happening consistently on multiple Linux build agents.

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It appears to be connected to the issue described at

To address this, consider implementing the following workaround to enhance memory availability for the agent:

Alternatively, adjust the configuration by setting the teamcity.agent.inMemoryMessages.threshold.bytes parameter in the file. This value is specified in bytes, and the file is located at /conf/

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