Migrating an ancient installation to new server and Teamcity version?


I have a 2019.2 installation of Teamcity running on Server 2012 R2 with an external MSSQL db. Do I just install the most recent version on a modern Windows Server, backup the old instance + restore the backup to the new server? I'm reading that since Teamcity 6.0 (Nov 2010), the restore procedure should be able to restore old backups to newer versions of Teamcity than the ones the backup was taken from, but I am still a bit concerned since the jump 5 years forward sounds like some issues could arise.

Or am I just overthinking it and shouldn't be expecting any major trouble with this path forward?

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You could look at Move TeamCity Installation to a New Machine in our latest documentation.
Ensure that you install the same TeamCity version on the new machine to avoid restoration failure. Once the restoration is completed, you can proceed with upgrading the server to the latest version as per your requirements.


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