Free agents with Professional Server

I recently upgraded teamcity from 10.0.5 (docker image) to  2023.11.3  (docker image).

I have 11 licenses of which some are good for 2017, some 2018 and some 2019.

The earlier versions of teamcity for which my licenses would be good for don't work with GitLab Community Edition v16.3.7 ssh  key authentication.

Of course it's just as well I have upgraded already considering the recent security vulnerability

But now all my licenses are out of date and I only have 3 free agents instead of 11.

Just wondering if loose the free agents after purchasing even just one new agent?


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Hi Sarah,

If you purchase any new agent licenses, those will always be in addition to the 3 free agents included with TeamCity Professional. It's possible to renew your existing additional agent licenses, rather than purchasing new licenses - I recommend reaching out to us via this page and we'd be happy to look up your older licenses on our system and advise the best way forward.



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