Notification for a build hanged in build queue


I'd like to create a global notification rule so that developers will know their build hanged in the build queue. For example, because of there are no builders matching Agent Requirements.

Playing with notification a test project, I've set:

  • Edit Branch Filter = +:*
  • Send notification when: Build fails to start = checked
  • Send notification when: Build is probably hanging = checked

But I don't get emails for the scenario above. JIC, I'm getting “Build fails” and “Build is successful” emails for the project.

Please advise.



Did you test this with a new build configuration or an existing one? As explained in the documentation:

 A build is considered to be "hanging" if its run time significantly exceeds the estimated average run time and if the build has not sent any messages since the estimation was exceeded. To properly detect hanging builds, TeamCity has to estimate the average time builds run based on several builds. Thus, if you have a new build configuration, it may make sense to enable this feature after a couple of builds have run, so that TeamCity would have enough information to estimate the average run time.

So perhaps it did not work because of TeamCity not having enough information to estimate the average run time?


Guilherme, hi! The thing is, I need notifications about queued_but_never_dequed (yes, not_yet_started) builds! :)

Here I'm adding some weird unmet requirement to the build configuration and run it 3 times. And the will stuck in the queue forever. 


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