Agent Executor Mode: Where to find BUILD_FILE?

Dear Community,

I setup an agent to connect to our server. Starting the agent with ./bin/ run respectively ./bin/ start and ./bin/ stop works fine; everything as expected.

However, I also saw the option to start the agent in executor mode:

./bin/ executor BUILD_FILE [BUILD_STEP]

I'm interested if this is a viable alternative to running the agent in daemon mode and how one would go about to start the agent like this.

As I was not able to find any documentation on this usage (except for the fact that this feature was implemented: I am wondering whether this is even designed for this use case or if it is only for “internal use” of TeamCity.

I imagined that the BUILD_FILE is passed from the server to the agent, or that it can be fetched from the server somehow. However I could not find out where this BUILD_FILE is accessible on the agent or on the server.

How do I setup TeamCity so that agents run in executor mode?

Can this even be done?

Thank you in advance!

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This feature is considered experimental, is not currently documented, and is not recommended for general use. Could you describe the scenario in which this mode is required or preferred in more detail? You can leave the comment in with the visibility restricted to the jetbrains-team if you wish to keep it private. 

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