Jenkins to Teamcity Migration

We are planning to migrate Jenkins's Existing setup to TeamCity. can anyone please guide me on how we can migrate all data(Jobs, artifacts, build logs) from Jenkins to TeamCity On-Premise Instance?


I would suggest having a look at the Jenkins to TeamCity Migration Guidelines available in the TeamCity documentation here:


Thank you, Eric, for your valuable response!

Is there is any other way for migration other than Manual project setup on TeamCity?


TeamCity and Jenkins are both quite different in terms of how they work. As such, I am not aware of any automated tools to perform the migration. If you do find something, I'd love to hear about it, though. 

It might be helpful for you to see what a build looks like in TeamCity to give you a better understanding of how you may want to get started. For this, we have a tutorial available of how to create a simple build in TeamCity: 

If you're completely new to TeamCity, it might also be useful to learn about TeamCity's features and capabilities in order to determine how you can use TeamCity to make your builds. For this, I would recommend checking out this section of our Getting Started Guide: We also have a whole bunch of tutorials over on our CI/CD guide here:

Once you get more familiar with TeamCity projects and build configurations, it might be possible to use the Kotlin DSL to create your projects and build configurations programmatically. In many cases, this could make your migration more efficient:

One other thing that might be helpful is the Plugin Marketplace: Here, you will find 3rd party plugins that are not bundled with TeamCity. These can be installed on your TeamCity server from Administration | Plugins in the web UI. 


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