Unable to detect Peforce Repository URL. How to fix this?

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The error message indicates that the TeamCity server is unable to locate the path for the Perforce (P4) client when attempting to integrate TeamCity with Perforce:

To Integrating TeamCity with Perforce:

1. TeamCity supports Perforce Helix Core servers/clients starting from Helix Core 2017.1
2. A Perforce Helix Core client must be installed on the TeamCity server machine.
3. The path to the Perforce client must be added to the `PATH` environment variable. Alternatively, a full path to `p4` could be set via the internal property `teamcity.perforce.customP4Path`. The property value must include the `p4` filename.

For more detailed guidance on integrating TeamCity with Perforce, please refer to our official documentation: Integrating TeamCity with Perforce.


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