Overriding inherited checkout rules on a VCS root

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I have a bunch of projects which inherits from a common template. I want to specify custom VCS checkout rules on each inherited project (Version Control Settings → View checkout rules). However, it appears that I can't do that, at least not in 2020.2.4 build 86063. The text field is not editable, and I saw somewhere in the docs that this particular form of property overriding isn't supported.

So is there any trick or workaround to this? Seems like a pretty fatal flaw in the whole inheritance system, if only some properties can be overridden…?!




Is anybody looking at these threads? It seems like this is a bit of a ghost town… :-(


Hi Ben,

Sorry for the late reply.

As mentioned in the https://www.jetbrains.com/help/teamcity/build-configuration-template.html#Redefining+settings+inherited+from+template, you can redefine almost all the build configuration settings (for example, build steps, parameters, build options). The only exceptions are snapshot dependencies and checkout rules, which cannot be redefined. The easiest way to work around this limitation right now is to add a configuration parameter to the template and specify it in checkout rules, then edit this value in inherited build configurations.

There is also a ticket for this limitation: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-50399/Support-for-overriding-of-checkout-rules-for-the-VCS-roots-attached-to-a-template-in-inherited-build-configurations.

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