Possibility to lose runner on update

I am currently curring Teamcity version 2020 version with MsBuild runner for .NET 4.8 builds pipelines.
I plan to migrate code base to .NET 6 and Teamcity to version 2023.
Since MsBuild runner is depecrated, I fear updating Teamcity will make deprecated runner unavailable and I won't be able to use old MsBuild runner during my transition to VS2022 runners.

Will updating my Teamcity version remove the old deprecated runners ?

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Updating TeamCity will not make deprecated MSBuild runner unavailable.

However, the MSBuild runner is no longer actively supported. It is recommended to use the .NET runner with the 'MSBuild' command instead.

For more information about the .Net runner, please refer to .NET | TeamCity On-Premises Documentation .


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