Problem with Docker Support

Hi everyone!

I set up an on-premise private docker registry and I added it to the Connections settings and added to the build feature as well. The connection settings are OK. However every time I run the Docker build and the Docker push build step, it ignores the build feature and try to push them to the Is this a bug or something? 

I have also noticed that there should be a tick box for the sign in option (???):


Here is the error message:

The also appeared during the docker build process. 

Am I missing something?

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Based on the error information, it appears that there might be an issue with the image tags.
If your image tag lacks the your-registry-url as a suffix, Docker will default to using Therefore, the correct image format should be: your-registry-url/your-image:tag.

If the provided information doesn't resolve the issue, kindly share the TeamCity version and provide the build logs. For larger files, you can upload them via Please share the exact ID generated after the upload.

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