Pinned build URL results in 404 The requested resource error

TC server: 2023.05.4 (build 129421)

Depending from what page you navigate to a pinned build the URL is malformed.
Example: using the classic UI, from the build overview page

Clicking either of the pin flags results in a “404 The requested resource …” error.
This is due to that the URL is missing the “viewType.html” part →

Navigating from the History tab to a pinned build however works, same is true for when using the “Sakura UI”

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Thank you for reporting this issue. We had a bug entry on our tracker: Build history page shows 404 request when select filter by tag : TW-84732. You can follow it for updates and vote for it. And feel free to provide your feedback by following our official document. We value your input and appreciate your efforts in helping us improve.


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