.NET Runner - TeamCityMSBuildLogger - OS Freeze Depending on Logging verbosity



We have encountered a strange issue where an application builds/publishes successfully when the logging verbosity is set to diagnostic, but when set to <Default> the OS stops responding completely and the VM has to be restarted. This is on Windows Server 2022. TeamCity was installed and then data migrated across from an old server (both latest TC version) as per the documentation. There's nothing helpful in the windows event logs, apart from that the previous shutdown was unexpected.


It has taken quite some time to narrow it down. We also were able to reproduce the issue by re-running the build from a command window under the build agent user account and using the rsp files generated by TeamCity. Again for diagnostic it would succeed but for <Default> ("normal in the .rsp), the OS would crash. 

Additionally, when removing the following 2 lines from the <Default> .rsp and just allowing it to log to the console, it succeeded.



I'll attach logs for 3 examples in a zip file with 3 subfolders. Success01, Fail01 and Fail02 corresponding to a successful build with diagnostic logging verbosity and 2 failed builds with <Default> logging verbosity. It shows the 2 failures are not at exactly the same point.


Before each run, the TeamCity and Build Agent services were stopped, the log, tmp and work folders for both the server and build agent were cleared and then the services were started. Each subfolder has the agent logs, the server logs and the build log. Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks.



These are all the logs I mentioned.



I should add that I followed these steps (both config file and configuration variables) to get additional logs for the runner but didn't find anything under buildtmp in the plugin folder. Perhaps this is not the relevant plugin for this build.



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