Exporting TeamCity database

Good Morning,

Hopefully someone can advise on this. Please be aware that I myself do not use TeamCity, but am the infrastructure engineer responsible for this project, so please excuse any ignorance or misunderstanding on my part.

We are moving some of our database to more up to date SQL versions. This includes TeamCity. OurTeamCity Database is on a separate server that the one the application is installed.

I have had a look at some documentation and I have found how to migrate TeamCity as a whole, but that isn't exactly what I am looking for e.g. A Step by Step Guide to Migrating a TeamCity Instance from One Server to Another | endjin - Azure Data Analytics Consultancy UK

I have also tried this: Migrating to External Database | TeamCity On-Premises Documentation (jetbrains.com)

In essence this just says to backup the DB and then restore it, but I've tried that and it didn't work.

Hopefully I have just missed something.

Thanks in advance,

David K

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Hello David, 

Do you migrate to a newer version of the same DB server (for example, MS SQL to MS SQL, MySQL to MySQL, etc.)? If yes, you may simply copy the DB to the target server while TeamCity server process is stopped using native approach for your DB type, then update the <TeamCity Data Directory>/config/database.properties file so that it has the new DB server IP/hostname specified, and start the server again.

If you migrate between different DB servers (for example, Postgres to Oracle), please refer to this article for the details. Should you run into any issues, please share the errors you get and teamcity-maintenance.log from the TeamCity logs folder via uploads.jetbrains.com and let me know the upload ID. 


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