C# project build failed with double quotes in MSBuild parameter

I recently upgrade Teamcity from TeamCity Enterprise 2019.2.1 (build 71758) to Enterprise 2023.05.4 (build 129421). 

In the old version, one build step is MSbuild runner and in the command line parameters, I have a parameter -p:PublisherName="Comapy Name". There is a space in the company name so I use double quotes. The parameter works OK in 2019.2.1.

However, after upgrade to 2023.05.4, I change the runner type from MSBuild to .Net with MSBuild command. The PublisherName parameter with double quotes does not work anymore. In the log, Teamcity builds the command as  "-p:PublisherName="Comapy Name"", it adds extra double quotes on the parameter so MSbuild failed. Below picture is captured from the log. If I remove the space and double quotes, the build success because the parameter is in correct format  -p:PublisherName=ComapyName

Please help on this issue


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Hi Kang,

The following section of documentation might help you with this:





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