Check Commit Status Publisher results, as non-privileged UI user?

Hi - I have a job that uses commit status publishing to push results to gitlab.  However, for one of my recent jobs, the TeamCity pipeline finished, but no corresponding gitlab pipeline was created - ie, it seems like the commit status publish either didn't run or failed for some reason.

When I check the corresponding job in TeamCity, though, there's no obvious failures or error messages that I can see.

I've seen in some posts that people are checking various *.log files to see error messages.  As a “normal” UI user who doesn't have file access to the server, is there any way to view these?  Or see some sort of status for whether the commit status publish ran, or was successful?

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Hello Paul,

Unfortunately, no - you would need access to the TeamCity server machine to check those logs. Alternatively, if you are able to access Administration | Diagnostics | Server Logs, you may download the logs from there - you may want to enable the debug-commit-status logging preset, too. 

If you have no access to the Admin section, please consider reaching out to your instance administrators to assist you with that. 


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