How to have triggers with start and end date?


I want to have different frequency triggers depending on the date for build configurations that are generated using Kotlin DSL. For example, I would want to have trigger for daily frequency then every other day then disable on certain dates. Is there a way to implement this using Kotlin DSL or REST API? 

My request is similar to these requests/use cases:

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Can you clarify what you mean with “daily frequency then every other day”? Also, what are these certain dates, specific calendar days, week days, or something else?



Hi Guilherme Barbosa

So for example:

  • from 2024-04-01 to 2024-04-04, I want the Schedule Trigger to be set to everyday, so the cron expression could be something like “0 8 * * *” (At 08:00 everyday, trigger this).
  • from  2024-04-05 to 2024-04-08, I want the Schedule Trigger to be set to every other day, so the cron expression would be  “0 8 */2 * *”
  • On  2024-04-09, I want this build to be disabled, so the Schedule Trigger can be set to “0 8 31 2 *” (not a real date, so won't run)

In order to do this, I would need to manually change the Build Configuration setting on the day I want the new cron pattern to take effect. In the above example, on  2024-04-01 I would set the schedule trigger to “0 8 * * *”; on 2024-04-05, I would set the trigger to “0 8 */2 * *”, and on 2024-04-09, I would set the trigger to “0 8 31 2 *”.

I'm wondering how can this be automated/ implemented natively? So whether there's a way to set the Schedule Trigger to have a start and end date so the frequency can change in an automated, pre-determined fashion?

Thank you so much!


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