Migrating Team City

Hello all,

I have taken over a new project and was tasked with getting our team city and the server it sits on up to date. Everything is behind a firewall and it's been fine for the past couple years. This is what I am currently dealing with:

  • Windows Server 2012
  • 2020.2.2 of Team City
  • Team City uses a MS-SQL database (on the same server)

I would like us to be on Windows 2022 with the latest version of Team City (2023.05.04) using the docker image at the time of this post.  

  • Setup a new VM Server (Windows 2022) with enough ram, disk, cpu

What's the best approach to get our team city migrated to this server server? Should I install the same exact version (2020.2.2), perform some sort of restore and THEN upgrade to 2023.05.04?


Any help is greatly appreciated.


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I suggest to move your installation to the new server first as per this guide, then upgrade it to the latest version (2023.05.4). As an added benefit, you would essentially have a copy of production server where you could test out upgrade before transferring your users and agents there. 


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