"Unexpected error during build messages processing in TeamCity" unexpectedly fails builds

Sometimes we are seeing the following error in the build logs:
"unexpected error during build messages processing in TeamCity"

The tests pass successfully and it looks like everything is fine, but the build fails because of this error.

We would like to:
(a) find out why this is happening and fix the issue; and
(b) make sure the tests pass if/when it does happen

I also noticed https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-81913/Unexpected-error-during-build-messages-processing-in-TeamCity-2023.05 which is shown as fixed in our current version. Unfortunately that does not seem to be the case.


Hello, can you please confirm your version of TeamCity? Also, if possible, can you please share the teamcity-server log file(s) covering the time when the issue happened for you, and a build log for the problematic build? 


Hello Fedor, 

Our TeamCity version is TeamCity Enterprise 2023.05.4 (build 129421).

I do have those logs, but would it be possible to share them privately? 

Thank you.


Hello Gene,

Thank you! My colleague is looking into your request and will provide an update there shortly.

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