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I have a setup where my TeamCity configuration has multiple VCS roots attached whose purpose is to help build the main repository. The problem I'm having is that if I update one of the repos that are VCS roots, and then trigger the main build, the latest commit in the VCS root is not used. Since my VCS roots are my build system, I always want to use the latest commit.

The build log for one of the VCS roots looks like this:

Upper limit revision: 96e0fb99e148e1058ec30d75905f8ac742c69ee6
The first revision that was detected in the branch refs/heads/master: 6a35dc2920cac93ba2d56f8fc5a6cbd4547b2cba
The first revision that was detected in the branch refs/heads/master after the last change of the VCS root or checkout rules: 6a35dc2920cac93ba2d56f8fc5a6cbd4547b2cba
Latest commit attached to build configuration (with id <= 798013): 2f9be73a7871bfd1264fea06e18e2a247645b4d6
Computed revision: 2f9be73a7871bfd1264fea06e18e2a247645b4d6

96e0fb99e148e1058ec30d75905f8ac742c69ee6 is my latest commit but TeamCity decides to use 2f9be73a7871bfd1264fea06e18e2a247645b4d6 instead. Can someone please explain what's happening in the computation?

Using TeamCity Enterprise 2022.04.4.

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Did you check if the last commit (96e0fb99e148e1058ec30d75905f8ac742c69ee6) matches the checkout rules in the build configuration? It is likely that it is picking the 2f9be73a7871bfd1264fea06e18e2a247645b4d6 because it is the Latest commit attached to build configuration, as mentioned in the log above.

In the build log where you see this message, it should show the checkout rules if they are configured. If the last commit matches the checkout rules and you think something else is going on, you can share the full build log with us via our secure upload service, and share the upload id here with us:

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