Feature Suggestion - indicate config activity alongside project/sub-project names in sidebar

It would be useful to have an indication, in the sidebar, for a project/sub project to show the activity of the build configurations inside it, without having to expand it.

Consider the two images attached - the first one shows the collapsed side bar. As you can see, it offers no indication as to what is going on. The second image shows what is actually happening in the various build configurations.

My suggestion is to use the same icons (egg-timer, and circular progress disc) along side a project and sub-project, with the number to indicate the total number of items waiting/processing.

It would be very helpful to give a broad idea of what is currently going on, as otherwise, aside from the Agents/Queues indicators at the top it requires expanding the various sub projects to reveal.



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Thank you for the suggestion - I have registered this as a feature request on our tracker (https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-83973/Show-current-activity-icons-in-the-project-subproject-level-too). Please feel free to vote or comment on it as you see fit; also, you may create a new bug entry or request a feature any time on your own.

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