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We are planning to upgrade teamcity application on the production environment. We are doing it first time upgrade on the production. we don't have any staging environment to upgrade and test. we are facing the below vulnerability 

  • (CVE-2023-42793) TeamCity Vulnerability.

Could you please suggest the best practice for the upgrade in our current environment like this.


can we take the backup of the application and do the upgrade directly on the production environment or if anything goes wrong will restore can help us without affecting the older version. will that be a smooth restore. we are unable to take the decision here. kindly help us on this and your support is mush appreciated. 



Hello Suresh,

If your TeamCity is sufficiently new, you may use the automatic upgrade option (https://www.jetbrains.com/help/teamcity/upgrading-teamcity-server-and-agents.html#Automatic+Update) - it will handle backup for you too; otherwise, please refer to the guide for manual upgrade (https://www.jetbrains.com/help/teamcity/upgrading-teamcity-server-and-agents.html#Manual+Update). In any way, I suggest to start with before upgrade checklist (https://www.jetbrains.com/help/teamcity/upgrading-teamcity-server-and-agents.html#Before+Upgrade). 

Should you need to rollback, you would need to install previous version of TeamCity first, then restore the backup there.

We have few more query on the upgrade. could you please clarify on this.

  • As per the understanding, some applications have a time frame to sync with the database.  For example, after the upgrade the teamcity applicaion is not working, we are taking decision to go the previous state version after all troubelshoot (please assume 24hrs), Teamcity apps will work with the database after upgrading to the previous version.?


  • How to capture all previsous state activity logs in teamcity, is that database connectivity will supply all the datas after the upgrade ? or do we need to take any local machine folders/files before upgrade and restore once completed the upgrade ?


Not sure if I quite follow. If for any reason you need to rollback, you would need to restore from backup - backup includes both Data Directory and DB data, so both would be restored to pre-upgrade state. In regards to your other question, can you please elaborate on that? 

Usually, you do not need to do anything else after the upgrade - TeamCity will pick up the Data Directory and DB state and proceed with starting normally. 


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