How to import settings.kts


I want to configure my builds in a text file, rather than clicking through the UI, which is slow, tedious, and error prone. I found a way to export a "settings.kts" file, and I made all the changes to it so it would match to a new project. But now I am wondering how to import the file. I assume I would still need to create the new project manually, and then import the script into it, but I don't seem to find this function in the UI. I can see the "View as code" button, but that view is "read-only" for some reason...

Thanks for you help.

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Hi Thomas,

You should be able to do it via the Create Project → “From a repository URL” option. TeamCity will check the repository, and if it founds a .teamcity folder, it will offer to import the project from there. So you need to add your settings.kts file to a repository, inside a .teamcity folder.

Please let me know if this works for you.




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