Commit status publisher not showing test results

In this picture from the documentation the status shows the test results

I have an aggregate build that includes a configuration with tests.  However, on the status message it says "Success: TeamCity build finished".  How can I get the status message to show the test results?


Experiencing this problem using TeamCity Professional 2017.1.5 (build 47175). Appreciate any help on this.


In commit status publisher documentation we can find next sentence:

2) hovering over the commit status will display the build summary

Can someone explain what is build summary and how we can configure it? i.e. send test results.



We're seeing the same issue. The behavior does not appear to match the documentation. The "Commit status publisher" only puts the message "TeamCity build finished" in the GitHub PR Check, rather than the detailed summary (e.g., something we could then customize).


May I ask you to show the status message of the build that reports the commit status back to github, along the config of the commit status publisher?


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