Make the build number in the "Recent history" view a link to the build itself

This is a suggestion for improved intuitiveness based on watching our developers figuring out TeamCity.

Currently when you are looking at the "Recent history" view of a build configuration, to go to one of the individual builds you click on the link in the "Results" column, which is typically going to say something about test results. I've observed that many people in our office don't realise that that's a link and it's what you click to drill down into the build itself. This is especially the case when the configuration has feature branch builds. When I tell someone to "Go to a certain build number and Promote it", they click on the branch link next to the build number and then get confused.

It would be more intuitive if the build number in its column was itself a link to drill down on the build.

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Hi Anuradha,

Thanks for your request, could you please open the request in our issue tracker here?

That way you will get notified of its progress


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