Jmeter plugin - Showing the result for each jmx file


I added the Jmeter plugin to TC according to :  .

but i'm having trouble to show each .jmx test result by the assertions in the test plan:

After running the test, TC reports: "1 test passed", but there are HTTP requests that failed during the run.

How can I config TC to show the results of the .jmx file?  Or is there a way to parse the .jtl file created by the run? 



Build log:

[16:13:13]Step 8/8: Jmeter (Command Line) (8s)
[16:13:13][Step 8/8] Starting: c:\Jmeter\bin\jmeter.bat -n -t c:\jmeter\MyTest.jmx -l test.jtl
[16:13:13][Step 8/8] in directory: ---
[16:13:16][Step 8/8] Creating summariser <summary>
[16:13:16][Step 8/8] Created the tree successfully using c:\jmeter\MyTest.jmx
[16:13:16][Step 8/8] Starting the test 
[16:13:16][Step 8/8] Waiting for possible Shutdown ---
[16:13:21][Step 8/8] summary = 23 in 00:00:03 = 7.3/s Avg: 122 Min: 11 Max: 1385 Err: 13 (56.52%)
[16:13:21][Step 8/8] Generate Summary Results = 23 in 00:00:03 = 7.2/s Avg: 122 Min: 11 Max: 1385 Err: 13 (56.52%)
[16:13:21][Step 8/8] Tidying up ... 
[16:13:21][Step 8/8] ... end of run
[16:13:21][Step 8/8] Process exited with code 0
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Hi, Gald!

I'm having exact same results as you described above.

Did you find a solution to this problem?

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Hi Therearenospoon!,

Unfortunately, I did not find a solution to the problem.


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