Docker/Docker Compose is disabled - non-UNIX operating system

I recently installed TeamCity and i've been playing around with it and trying to get things to work.

Current i'm following this guide: but i'm having some problems with the Docker part.

Under my agent i get "Unmet requirements: docker.version exists" which means that nothing is built. If i check the agent logs they show:

INFO - rains.buildServer.AGENT.DOCKER - Docker is disabled - non-UNIX operating system
INFO - rains.buildServer.AGENT.DOCKER - Docker compose is disabled - non-UNIX operating system

I've installed Docker and it's running on my Windows Server 2016 installation (i checked the services and pulled and image) is this because i did something wrong or should i not do this on Windows?

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Hi Jk,

at the moment we're supporting Docker only on Linux\Mac OS agents. The more information can be found in our documentation

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Ah, i had a feeling it would be something like that. Quick and straight to the point - thanks for the answer!

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Default Agent-1
Unmet requirements:
  • docker.server.version exists

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