"Actual Parameters on Agent" with Java

I'm trying to add a plugin project tab where I pull some data from the most recently finished successful build in each build configuration the project contains.  I have everything working with one little issue, I'm not getting the final value that my build is setting to the parameter.  It seems that SFinishedBuild (http://javadoc.jetbrains.net/teamcity/openapi/9.0/jetbrains/buildServer/serverSide/SFinishedBuild.html) contains no special method to get the 'Actual Parameters on Agent' that you can see when you go to the parameters tab on a finished build.  The only method I can find, getBuildOwnParameters() (http://javadoc.jetbrains.net/teamcity/openapi/9.0/jetbrains/buildServer/serverSide/SBuild.html#getBuildOwnParameters()) belongs to SBuild and just gets me the default configuration values, not the resulting value from the finished build.

How do I get the finished builds values in Java?

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