Plugin Get All Tests

Hello guys,


 So i've scouring through your documentation on the OpenAPI and i can't seem to find what i'm looking for. I've beginning to think it may not be possible.

Basically, i'm trying to retrieve data on ALL the tests that were run after a build finishes.

I'm using the following event.

public void buildFinished(@NotNull SRunningBuild build)


And I found the following methods..

build.getTestMessages(0,-1) //Good but only returns the failed tests

build.getFullStatistics().getAllTests() //Gives me all the tests but no information about stacktrace, error messages, duration and other important information.


Currently, i'm managing to retrieve the information via the REST API with "app/rest/testOccurrences?locator=build:ID".


Is there a way to retrieve the information i need via de OpenAPI?




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