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I'm an intern at Automic and got the task to develop a plugin that should communicate with the Automic REST API.
For this I have to add a new build step and I decided to do so via metarunners.
The main objective is working, but there are some features I can't get working.
We need a "Test Connection"-Button to verify that the login-data is correct and to get data from the REST API, that we want to fill into a dropdown menu (spec=select)
I found out that there are just four types of param specs: select, checkbox, text and password. needing a button I tried to insert javascript in the metarunner, but i didn't get it working.
I saw that the "IntelliJ IDEA Project"-runner has such a button and was wondering if someone could give me a hint how to realize that.

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Sorry for delay. It is possible to provide a custom renderer for configuration parameter, although it may not be an easy task.

Please have a look at this plugin as an example:



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