Store data for build configuration between different builds and multiple build agents

Is it possible to store some data for particular build configuration, which can be accessible between multiple builds on multiple build agents? I found that there is method getCustomDataStorage() which enables to store some data, but as I know it is accessible on server side only and I can not access and modify stored data from agent side.

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Usual approach for storing data associated with a build is either via custom data storage, or build artifacts. Build artifacts can be downloaded by an agent later, so maybe it is easier to use them for this task.

If you choose to use custom data storage, then you can transmit data to the agent right before build start with help of parameters. The following extension can be used for this:

package jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide;
* Extension point to update parameters of a build before it is started on a build agent
* @since 6.0
public interface BuildStartContextProcessor extends ServerExtension {
* This extension point is called before parameters are sent to a build agent.
* Build context can be used to alter parameters of a build before data is sent
* to a build agent
* @param context context to update
* @since 6.0
void updateParameters(@NotNull BuildStartContext context);

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