Symbol Files Indexer

I followed the documentation to install windows SDK and debugger tools and include the build feature for Symbol files indexer. I am using TeamCity 10.1

When I build my project I get the below error:

                                  NET 3.5 runtime required for symbols indexing was not found on build agent. 

Upon expanding it, I get to see -> 

                                   Failed to find Source Server tools home directory. No symbol and source indexing will be performed.

My symbol server url is (notice the trailing slash):



Please let me know what is wrong and how to fix it. I went through countless pages and failed to get it working.

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You have to install the Windows SDK on the Build Agent machine. 

I used the following:



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I have hit the same problem after upgrading an older TeamCity to the 2019.1.1 version when trying to setup a new agent.
I am posting how I got out of it in case it might help someone in a similar position.

The issue at hand is that the (older) symbol server plugin trying to look for really old versions of the .NET Framework that you are not likely to have on your new host.
Installing a newer version of the plugin solved the problem...
NOTE: Trying to update the plugin directly from TeamCity didn't work and I had to hack the version of the available plugin version (as of 2019/07/04) for this to work as the latest version is so wrongly numbered that the previous installation was taking precedence.
Edit the xml and putting a more sane version (like 2018.11.30 for example) before pushing the zip does the trick.

Hope this helps.


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