Teamcity 10.0.1 issues - hanging builds and nuget publish

1st issue:

My builds suddenly stopped working without any changes being made on my end. The error associated was:

No output from git during 1800 seconds. Try increasing idle timeout by setting parameter 'teamcity.git.idle.timeout.seconds' either in build or in agent configuration.
[Updating sources] Failed to perform checkout on agent: Timeout exception
I want to know the reason for this sudden issue. I did overcome it by changing the VCS checkout to be done on server instead of the agent (recommended)
2nd issue:
I have a project which is versioned as , which has been published to local NuGet feed few months ago.
After few changes were made while keeping the version still the same, a build was triggered. This build does show that the artifacts used the new source code -> yet the client application utilizing this artifact is unable to get the new functionality implemented.
I made a test, by changing the version to (from teamcity), and that seemed to have the new functionality. However, when since this was for test purposes, the version was changed to to imply a minor release ---- just to overcome the problem. But this version isn't accessible/visible to the client.
So my problems for this 2nd issue are:
i) How do I get rid of the version (I deleted the builds from team city as well as deleted them from the artifacts folder) - but it doesn't seem to be going away.
ii) How do I make the changes be reflected on the version itself?
iii) How do I make visible to the client?
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Hello Mohammadnabilshaik, 

Regarding the first question - please, switch to agent side checkout, reproduce the problem and attach here teamcity-agent.log file. 

As for the NuGet related questions:

i) Simply run a clean-up on the server (metadata, related to NuGet feed are removed during the clean-up). 

ii) NuGet feed specification doesn't support hosting several packages with the same version. So, in TeamCity, we couldn't predict, which version will be downloaded. In 2017.1 TeamCity version, the ability to publish several packages with the same version was removed.

iii) What do you see in the teamcity-nuget.log file? Was version indexed by TeamCity? What NuGet client version do you use? Starting from version 3.4 NuGet supports SemVer 2.0 and so version is not a valid version, NuGet client will try to download version 1.1.0 instead (it was a breaking change in version 3.4). The more details about it on the official NuGet page. I think that change in ii) can be also related to it. 


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