Plugin Agent/Sever Communication - Unidirectional


We have a custom plugin which we previously configured using XML-RPC which we now want to switch to unidirectional. The problem with this is that the agent requires some details from the server (server-side plugin) to authenticate with an downstream app which currently gets sent via XML-RPC from server to agent.

Is there a way for the server to allow registered agents to request these details?

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Hi, you can register custom a controller ( that will provide the necessary data by HTTP. Then call the controller from the agent.  

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We've already got a controller configured. How do you call it from agent side though?

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Just send ordinary http requests using HttpClient instance obtained from the HttpUtil class.

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I am getting error with 401 http status code. I added the my code below.  I require credentials which I don't know how to obtain. Do you have any idea. By the way thank your for support.

import jetbrains.buildServer.http.HttpUtil;

HttpClient httpClient = HttpUtil.createHttpClient(60);
PostMethod httpPost = new PostMethod(scanDataControllerURI.toString());
HttpClientParams httpClientParams = new HttpClientParams();
httpClientParams.setParameter(Scan_Task_ID_Literal, ScanTaskID);
httpClientParams.setParameter(BuildID_Literal, BuildID);
httpClientParams.setParameter(Message_Literal, Message);
httpClientParams.setParameter(Data_Literal, Data);
httpClientParams.setParameter(Is_Error_Literal, IsError);
httpClientParams.setParameter(HTTP_Status_Code_Literal, HTTPStatusCode);
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You are getting 401 response because the Controller requires authorization.

If the Controller doesn't provide any secured data then you can omit the authentication using the following method:


Another way is to add some user credentials to the request, it depends on the controller logic. Could you share what is the controller responsible for?

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Thank you for your response.

Controller will store scanresult data for viewlogtab by storing data to customdatastore. How can i find userid and password for basic form authentication.

//code form my controller.

Map<String, String> parameters = getParameters(httpServletRequest);
ScanRequestResult scanRequestResult = new ScanRequestResult(parameters);
//todo: test persistence with restarting server.
DataStorage storage=new DataStorage(server);
//Stores scanRequestResult for ScanLogTab. Now scan log tab can access scan report
ScanRequestResult validationMap = storage.GetScanRequestResult(scanRequestResult.BuildID);

//code from DataStorage

public DataStorage(SBuildServer server) {
this.server = server;

public void StoreScanRequestResult(ScanRequestResult scanRequestResult) {
final SBuild build = server.findBuildInstanceById(scanRequestResult.BuildID);
SBuildType buildType = build.getBuildType();
CustomDataStorage scanRequestStorage = buildType.getCustomDataStorage(ScanRequestStoragePrefix + scanRequestResult.BuildID);

public ScanRequestResult GetScanRequestResult(long buildID) {
final SBuild build = server.findBuildInstanceById(buildID);
SBuildType buildType = build.getBuildType();
CustomDataStorage scanRequestStorage = buildType.getCustomDataStorage(ScanRequestStoragePrefix + buildID);
ScanRequestResult scanRequestResult=new ScanRequestResult(scanRequestStorage.getValues());
return scanRequestResult;
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you can create a special user with administration permissions for the build configuration and use his credentials for the Basic authentication. But please note that in this case credentials can be become publicly visible. 


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