Email notifier - code inspection trigger


Hi all,

Currently in the the notification rules, I can trigger the notification when build fails, or successful post a failure.

We are using code-inspection. I do not want to fail the build if there are any code-inspection errors, however I do want to send notification email to the developer in such case with the code-inspection report.

I couldn't find any way to trigger such email notification, is there any way to do it?


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Hi Yoram,

TeamCity provides an ability to modify notification templates to include a variety of information. You can read more about it here:

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Yes indeed, this will change the content of the notification.

However, I would like to change the notification trigger "Send notification When" to send notification if code inspection is above certain value. In the same manner as it can be defined in the build failure conditions.

The problem, is that I do not want to fail the build just to send the notification in the above case.

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Yoram, currently the events triggering notifications are limited to those listed in the "Send notifications when:" section. You can create a custom notifier as described here.



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