TeamCity 2017.1.1 - New artifacts no longer publishing to internal nuget feed


I have upgraded to TeamCity 2017.1.1 yesterday from v10, and since then, all new artifacts produced by build configurations no longer get published to the internal nuget feed service.

I have retried clear the buildsMetadata cache, and also tried running the build configurations multiple times to make it's not some sort of caching issue etc.

The build configurations do not use Nuget build steps of any sort (we have our own custom scripts that run as powershell build steps that creates the packages automatically), and relies on TeamCity to automatically publish artifact outputs directly to the internal nuget feed.

The old build artifacts seems to be present in the internal nuget feed, but they are all from prior to the upgrade.

No actual configurations had changed since the upgrade to the build configurations as well.

I am currently working around this problem by adding an extra Nuget Publish step for my build configurations to force publish the artifact outputs into the internal nuget feed.

Is this a known issue?

Kind Regards,

Gavin Wun

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Just an update, I noticed the auto publish of nuget artifacts to internal nuget feed seems to be working again, but not sure if it's working for everything.

I was checking the nuget feed service for specific packages, and found some of the package that were not there before are now available (e.g. they were created yesterday and there was no nuget publish step for it to push the package)

E.g. checked by using the following url - */guestAuth/app/nuget/v1/FeedService.svc/FindPackagesById()?id='packagename'

Will keep monitoring.

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Hi Gavin,

this is a known "issue", and is detailed in the 2017.1 release notes. The Nuget feed was reworked, and as part of the upgrade, it needs to reindex all the packages. This process can take long, depending on the amount of packages. Some users have noticed the process taking up to several days. It's possible that some of the packages start appearing on the feed with a large delay, even before the reindexing has finished. If you need to track the status of the reindexing process, the teamcity-server.log file in the logs folder should contain some traces whenever it reaches certain points.

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Thanks for the reply.

I will leave the extra "Nuget Publish" step in the build configurations in there for now, since we might run into the issue of the feed still re-indexing.


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