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Hello Folks,

It seems, TeamCity server plugin BuildProblemData /BuildProblemType API's has been changed.

Can someone point me to corresponding API to the below, this one has used in BuildMessage.createMessage()

DefaultMessagesInfo.createBuildProblemMessage(BuildProblemData.createBuildProblem(id, BuildProblemData.TC_SERVICE_MESSAGE_TYPE, desc));




1. I expect build should fail with the user message.

2. Equivalent for TC_SERVICE_MESSAGE_TYPE.




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Hi, Hari,

The former BuildProblemData.TC_SERVICE_MESSAGE_TYPE is not a part of the open API since TeamCity version 8.0.

This build problem type is internal and is not intended to be used by the API users, only by the TeamCity core when it processes ##teamcity[buildProblem...] service message.

Please make sure to use a correct build problem type (most likely your own) in your code.


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