Teamcity Spinnaker Integration

Hi, Can Teamcity integrate with Spinnaker? (

do you know any plugin that has been developed to do so ?

if you have done something like this before or having recommandation for some other similar tools I would like you to contact me.

thanks :)


Hello Tomer,

I'm not aware of TeamCity plugins for Spinnaker. What integration are you interested in? Please feel free to create a feature request in our tracker:

It's possible to integrate TeamCity with build tools or to send and show reports TeamCity. For more details see the section:


"Why you should be paying attention to Spinnaker 1.0 release"


Lack of Spinnaker support may force our team to go down the Jenkins road which we would rather not. We prefer TeamCity.


This is a major requirement 


This would help us to have a end to end CI/CD better :)


Just wanted to bump this. Spinnaker is getting more popular everyday, and we're struggling to keep TeamCity integrated with our CI/CD pipelines partially because of a lack of support here. Has anyone heard anything about when this might become a priority for TeamCity, a Spinnaker SIG, or anything else? 


To all users that comment here, please forward your comments to the issue in the tracker that Alina posted before. Adding to this topic will not help in getting your request visibility.

Watch and vote for the issue, add comments if you consider you could add some valuable information, and consider, as Pavel mentioned in the issue, creating your own plugin


Since there doesn't seem to be much movement on this yet, for anyone else who really needs this please vote for this feature here to make it a higher priority



Alina Mishina and Denis Lapuente, it appears that after 5 years nothing happened even though we were heavily encouraged to post in CD tools are becoming so important that most people like myself are ready to ditch TeamCity for jenkins because of the flow we need to be supported in our use cases. I am really surprised that after 5 years, nothing moved. You should be concerned about what tool set is in the landscape, their popularity and how you make it easy for your customers to continue using your TeamCity with those tools. The lack of consideration alone is enough to drop TeamCity, to be honest.


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