Problem with symbol server



I'm trying to setup the Symbol Server plugin on Windows 2012r2 (with .net 3.5 installed). I've installed the dependencies on the build agents and in the build log I can see pdb's and source files being picked up. However when using symchk.exe, I cannot query any of my files? I've attached a log file and the files under /symbols. Any idea of what could be wrong?

 Command: symchk.exe /v /r DMSWebStarter.exe /s srv*

Misc_DMSWebStarter_2017.2.0.53-squirrel.log (29 kb) 100%
symbol-signatures-local-7607080677451406787.xml (265 b) 100%
symbol-signatures-artifacts-5916997098101332035.xml (190 b) 100%
binary-signatures-local-651800374476825359.xml (429 b) 100%
binary-signatures-artifacts-8650252438936296870.xml (261 b) 100%

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