Teamcity/Hub - Cannot Load Project List


I tried searching the Googles and the Hub/Teamcity forums here to no avail, but I'm having an issue with Teamcity and Hub.  Sorry if this belongs in the Hub forum, I didn't see anything about it there, either.

I have TC integrated with Hub as a trusted service, users are syncing, all is kosher.  Except for the Dashboard integration.  When I go to "Add Widget" on the Hub and select "Teamcity" -> "<any of the options>", I receive a message "Cannot load projects list".

I've verified my settings (appear) correct, I added the Hub URLs to the CORS list on Teamcity just to be sure, but I can't even find a conneciton request/error in the TC logs.  

I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of where to look for an issue?  Thanks in advance, y'all.


I'm having the same issue as well, exactly as you describe.


Hello guys,

Sorry for delay in replying. Unfortunately TeamCity projects are not supported at the moment, please watch the issue


I'm having the same issue.


Shouldn't the widget be removed until Team City is fully integrated into the Hub?


this is stupud, not working feature, please, remove this selection



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