PositionConstraint.first() issue with the new UI

Hi guys,

I have a SPA plugin that shows up as a new tab on a Build type and would like it to be shown as the first one. So, I've set it using


but it only shows up as first in the old UI and in the new UI it is placed at the third place.

Are you aware of any workaround how could I make it first in the new UI?


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Hello Jan! 
It's Denis - a TeamCity frontend developer.
Thank you for your message. 

I filed an issue in YouTrack. Feel free to subscribe.

Unfortunately, there is no workaround. The logic in rendering tabs in Sakura UI is relatively straightforward: first, we render tabs developed for Sakura UI (meaning they are written with our internal guidelines); then, we render the rest of the tabs. From this point - your tab is definitely in the first place, but among the adapted Classic UI tabs. 

For sure, that is the logic we have to tune. I have created a task in our Task Tracker. You can subscribe to it to get updated on the issue status. 
May I ask you to share your TeamCity version? 

Wish you a good day!

Hi Denis,

I see and thanks for the quick reply.

We're currently using 2022.10.1 version.



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