Is it possible to make inspection type despection icon support an internal link?


I am developing a Code Inspection plugin which provides many rule documentations(html file contains description, examples, etc.). I want to link these files with violations to let user have a good understand why the code breaks the rule.

I know the inspection type despection icon can help me, but there are strict restrictions on using it.

The icon shows here:

It supports the external link when this link(value of inspection type despection) matches the regular expression /(\w+):\/\/([\w.]+)\/(\S*)/  (e.g., otherwise the icon changes toand it shows a popup with the description when mouse hover on the icon. 

Here is the debug screenshot:


My question is can we change this regular expression to support internal link(the link used to access TeamCity server) or use a prefix(URL:) to know the description is a url? 

The format of internal link looks like "/app/docs/xxx.html", it will open a window(address is http://localhost:8111/app/docs/xxx.html) when icon is clicked.


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