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  • cthomas created a post,

    <deleted VCS root>

    When I go to the Changes tab on builds where a Mercurial VCS root has been deleted, the VCS root name shows as <deleted VCS root> <deleted VCS root> Name. Each time you refresh or navigate to the c...
  • cthomas created a post,

    Shared VCS root

    Is there any downside or issue with using a single VCS root across hundreds of build configurations and using configuration parameters to specify the path/branch name? Am I going to regret attempti...
  • cthomas created a post,

    Project and template system properties

    It appears that template parameters, system, and environment properties have priority over project level properties. So if a template and a project specify the value for a property (whether it's a ...
  • cthomas created a post,

    Pulling build number from dependency

    I have config A1 in project A that pulls artifacts from config B1 in project B. It also copies the build number from B1. The build number format in B1 is set to {0} and the build script generates a...
  • cthomas created a post,

    6.5 user interface

    Is it possible to modify the stylesheets for TeamCity (w/o losing changes when server is updated)? I am not liking the new look.
  • cthomas created a post,

    Project Parameters not reflected in configuration

    I have a configuration in a project (A) attached to a template in another project (B). The project variables in project A are reflected in the configuration at the time the configuration is attache...
  • cthomas created a post,

    Ignored NUnit Tests

    I have a project with 3 ignored tests, but TeamCity is reporting 8 ignored tests. I am running NUnit from NAnt using the teamcity.dotnet.nunitlauncher property.This is what shows in the overview fo...
  • cthomas created a post,

    Git checkout error

    I am having a problem with Git agent side checkout.[13:36:34]: [Updating sources: Agent side checkout...] Failed to perform checkout on agent: 'C:\Git\bin\git.exe fetch --no-tags -q origin +refs/he...
  • cthomas created a post,

    TeamCity + Git agent side checkout error

    I am getting the following error on agent side checkout:[13:18:33]: [Updating sources: Agent side checkout...] Failed to perform checkout on agent: 'C:\Git\bin\git.exe fetch --no-tags -q origin +re...
  • cthomas created a post,

    TeamCity is inaccessible!

    I was trying out the Mercurial plugin and now I can no longer access TeamCity I setup a Mercurial VCS root for a project. I entered the path to hg, the location of the repository, username & passwo...