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  • star123 created a post,

    sql query

    Hello,I am writing a server side plugin. I want to get / update data from history table. I browsed through the java docs and looks like i can use sqlrunner package. Can you please provide me the co...
  • star123 created a post,

    Build trigger on disabled agent

    Hi,I have disabled the build agent from Teamcity UI. But when i click run project on this disabled agent, build is triggered and runs successfully. My understanding is that disabling the build agen...
  • star123 created a post,

    EMail Notifier

    Hi,I am writing my owm plugin and i have configured e-mail notification in team city. I could see that 'from' value is configured in email-config.xml. Where is 'to' value stored and how can i acces...
  • star123 created a post,

    New tab or link

    Hi,I could pulgin a web page (calling say http://teamcityserver:port/mypage) to current teamcity.Is it possible to add a new tab or new link to the current Teamcity UI? Say adding a tab 'myTab' in...
  • star123 created a post,

    Plugin question

    I followed the plugin documentation and tried to run following simple plugin:public class ListAgent extends BuildServerAdapter { private SBuildServer myServer; public ListAgent(SBuildServe...
  • star123 created a post,

    RemoteBuildServerFacade Error

    I am trying to write a custom plugin and have following line in code:RemoteBuildServerFacade bf = RemoteBuildServerFacade.createInstance(xmlrpc,null);i have included buildServerRemoteServerProxy.ja...
  • star123 created a post,

    Active agent list on server

    Hi,Is there a way to get active agent list on server side without going to UI? Do i need to write a custom code? Am looking for steps and code snippets.Thanksstar
  • star123 created a post,

    Build trigger from command line

    1. Is there a way to trigger a build from command prompt (say a batch file) without using WebUI (i mean server GUI) ?2. Also, is there a way to specify a particular agent which we want to use for a...
  • star123 created a post,

    Merging Test results as a single artifact

    Hi,I have a two ant builds, basically running Junit tests. My understanding is that after the tests are run, the test results are uploaded to server. My question is:Is there a way to merge these tw...