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  • Ray Navarette created a post,

    Shared Resources Plugin

    Hopefully someone can help me out with this...The documentation on the Shared Resources Plugin seems to indicate that the shared resources are controlled at the project level... is this the only le...
  • Ray Navarette created a post,

    Custom Trigger with Branch Support

    Hello,I love the new branch support in the latest version of TeamCity.  Unfortunately though, I've noticed that there currently is no way to build or update triggers (other than the commit trigger)...
  • Ray Navarette created a post,

    Dependency Artifacts Cleanup

    For build cleanup configuration, there is the checkbox labeled 'Prevent dependency artifacts cleanup'.  Does the checked state of this control the cleanup of the artifacts for the configuration who...
  • Ray Navarette created a post,

    Limit JUnit Logging

    Is there any way to limit the amount printed to the build log by TeamCity's JUnit?  Some of our tests print A LOT of extra output to System.out.  This is useful for debugging, so, we don't necessar...
  • Ray Navarette created a post,

    Template Configurations

    A quick question on templates....I unfortunately haven't yet had a chance to try out the EAP, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me if existing configurations could be updated to make use of ...
  • Ray Navarette created a post,

    Custom build with additional Ant command line parameters

    I'd like to be able to specify additional parameters to my ant build runners through the custom build dialog.  I thought this would be possible with the new dialog, but that doesn't seem to be the ...
  • Ray Navarette created a post,

    Using configuration properties in checkout rules

    I know that TC4 added some additional support for using properties throughout the build configuration (like in the VCS labeling).  However, it doesn't seem that these properties are supported in th...
  • Ray Navarette created a post,

    Additional Remote Run Options

    I know from these forum posts that there is definitely interest in additional remote run plugins and a standalone remote run solution.  I also I know that there are open issues in Charisma for thes...
  • Ray Navarette created a post,

    Artifact dependency on a previous build of the same configuration

    Is this kind of setup currently possible?  I'm (unfortuantely) still on 3.1 but will be upgrading to the latest 4.5 release within a week or so.  There are certain builds where it is desired to tak...
  • Ray Navarette created a post,

    VCS Labelling - Log Messages

    Is there any way to set the log message used when creating a VCS label to something other than: "Automatically Labeled by TeamCity"?  Ideally, this message text would be configurable and support th...