REST API fetch additional settings branchFilter for buildType

Hi Community,

is it possible to fetch the data by RESTApi regarding branchFilter setting on a specific buildtype ?

From the TeamCity Web-Interface for a buildType

Version Control Settings Page
Additional Options

from the DSL of the buildType:

 vcs { root(AbsoluteId("dummyVCSRoot")) 
 checkoutMode = CheckoutMode.ON_AGENT
branchFilter = """

But I don't find a way to get this Information via TC RESTApi interface.

Thanks and Cheers!

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You may use the following request:

/app/rest/buildTypes?locator=id:<build configuration ID>&fields=buildType(id,name,settings(*))

If Branch filter field is set to a non-default (+:*) value, it will appear under the settings node:

 <property name="branchFilter" value="+:feature"/>

Please let me know if this helps.

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Hi Fedor,

Yes! It works like a charm. <3

Thanks alot for your help and Cheers!


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