Create custom step similar to block open/close

Is there way to create custom step similar to block open and block close , to organize the steps in the ui step progress 


Hi! I am not sure I fully understand what you are asking about, but I am having the impression you are looking for this feature:

Please confirm, or otherwise describe what you want to achieve in a bit more detail.


I meant, how to add steps in this bar , so if all the logic is in the code, i could still achieve separation to steps 

Anatoly Cherenkov

Thanks for clarifying it. Currently, TeamCity doesn't allow customizing the blocks shown on this timeline. Different build steps will be shown as separate blocks, but this is about it. If organizing the blocks using the build steps doesn't work for you, could you explain why? Feel free to provide some details about your use case, so it is easier to see why it won't work.

Anatoly Cherenkov thanks ,

Im using Fastlane to execute build & deploy, instead of declaring the steps in Kotlin DSL, executing  in one method allow me to run builds locally , but for teamcity server without dependency 

I want to obtain better UI, for that im using teamcity service message 

for example open/close blocks to organize the stout

Is it possible to split the Fastlane build & deploy into multiple steps (per the blocks you want to have)?

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