need to upgrade 2020.1.5 to 2021.2.2 with existing configuration

Hi Team,

Currently, we are using 2020.1.5 TeamCity version and we need to upgrade on 2021.2.2  with the existing configuration (2020.1.5) Kindly please help us on this. 

The current setup is the  2 agent is installed on the same TeamCity server.

I go through the Doc Manual Installation and upgrade (Linux)

If we removed Teamcity Home directory, how we can use the existing configuration in 2021.2.2 ? 


JAtin Alve





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You can upgrade directly from 2020.1.5 to 2021.2.2 using the Manual Upgrade via tar.gz. I'm not sure what you mean by you removed the TeamCity Home Directory. Can you please elaborate on this?



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