TeamCity Cloud Agents Suddenly not running Powershell

About 8am NY time November 2, 2022, suddenly my Team City Cloud agents were not able to run Powershell.  We use Powershell build steps throughout our builds, and all of them suddenly stopped working.  There were no code changes, or parameter changes or anything different.  These same steps have been running without fail for a year and a half every day.

To confirm, we created a new Test build with one build step.  The build step used a Powershell runner, and the powershell script just set the value of a variable.  Everything else was generic, default settings.

All the builds, including the new Test build, encountered the same error.

  Could not select PowerShell for given bitness <Auto>
  Step Test (PowerShell) failed with unexpected error
We had no requirements listed for powershell bitness or platform, or anything.
I have submitted a ticket to support, but did not receive a response.  I wonder if anyone or everyone else who has PowerShell runners for build steps is experiencing this.  Our setup is totally generic, and the sudden nature of this error makes me think some upgrade to the generic agents went wrong.
Please respond if you are experiencing similar issues.
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We do have the similar error. It stopped working about 14 hours ago with this error "Cannot start build runner" and "Could not select PowerShell for given bitness <Auto>"

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The dev team is looking into it. We expect to be able to provide an update soon

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For anybody else with this issue, if the issue still persists, please let us know directly with your instance name. There was an issue with the way we preload agents to reduce waiting times causing the powershell runner specifically to not load some of the values required for it to work. We have applied a hotfix and it should be working now, but in case it's still failing for you let us know so that we can check if there are any remaining issues.

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Denis Lapuente  Thank you for resolving this issue.  Our Powershell build runners are working again (as of yesterday when you posted this).


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